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Welcome to Body in Balance Chiropractic – located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Dr. Joshua Jameson - Kansas City, MO Chiropractor


If you are looking for comfortable, effective relief of back pain, you have come to the right place! I have years of experience treating conditions such as: neck, back, shoulder, wrist, and ankle pain.

Chiropractic without the wait!: Wait no more than 10 minutes to see me.

No assistants or associates: I take care of every patient personally


Same day appointments available

Call me today: 816-591-0728

My goal is to partner with you to improve the functions of your body and help you live a pain-free life. Listening and open communication are the foundations of my practice.

Aside from chiropractic manipulation to the spine and extremities I will empower you with the information and skills needed to maintain a healthy body.

My holistic approach involves lifestyle modification such as diet and ergonomics, along with stretches and exercises to further assist in a speedy recovery. I also provide trigger point therapy when needed and in some cases collaborate with massage therapists.

My long-term goal with your care is to improve your posture and prevent future injuries. Ideally I would like to transition from regular chiropractic adjustments towards a more preventative model of care.

I look forward to working with you. Please call the office if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana
I am a preferred provider for BCBS (Blue Cross and Blue Shield), Humana, and United Healthcare. For other insurance companies I am happy to bill as “out-of-network.”Chiropractors are “portal of entry” physicians, meaning you do not need a referral to have your care covered. ¬†For individuals without coverage, I have maintained a pricing structure that allows care for all budgets.